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Site Evaluation
An evaluation of orientation, economics, topography, aesthetics, solar orientation, prevailing winds for natural ventilation, vegetation, views and all other influences including neighborhood properties will be considered. A  survey may be required.  Infrastructure concerns will be addressed.

Zoning Review
Setbacks, Floor Area Ratios, Lot coverage, Height Limits, and all other limiting factors including, where applicable, any Coastal Zone implications will be reviewed.

Existing Conditions Documentation
Scaled drawings and photographs of the existing conditions will be made.  Floor plans, elevations, and sections will be included.  Particularly in the case of remodeling this graphic information is essential.

Schematic Analysis
With the Site evaluation, Zoning Review and Existing Conditions in hand, the owners’ desires/requirements with reference to the budget are developed.  A schematic design is produced with client review and revisions as necessary.

A great familiarity with the costs associated has grown out of having built a great number of projects.  Like projects or project components will produce like costs.  This experience will be brought to bear on your project.

The approved schematic design is then further developed with specifics of dimensions and spatial requirements to scale.  This is completed with client review and revisions as necessary.  Approval on a final design that meets your high expectations will be achieved.  Any desired “sustainable” construction materials, methods and systems will be incorporated.

Engineering Consultation
With seismic, wind load and/or tall structure considerations, structural engineering is required.  The final design will be analyzed by the engineer and a structural solution prepared at the direction of the architect.  Other considerations such as California’s Title 24 Energy, septic and any systems such as HVAC, (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), may require additional consultants.

Working Drawings
Once the final architectural design is produced the opportunity for the interior design with cabinetry, flooring, appliances, furniture, trim, doors, finishes, etc. is available. David Lombardi, Architect/Builder offers complete interior design services.  Depending on the desires of the client, a set of drawings detailing all of the project’s systems, details, dimensions, materials, finishes, colors, hardware, cabinetry, fixtures, lighting, doors & windows, etc. can be produced.  Alternately a “permit minimum” set can be produced that satisfies the governing authorities while leaving a great deal of decision process to the client during the construction process.

All information and documentation requirements of the governing authorities will be met in as timely a manner as they allow.  Any amendments to the plans will be made.  Any meetings and /or hearings will be attended.

Usually the client will contract for architectural services separate from the actual construction.  As both Architect and Builder, I can offer the convenience, continuity, cost savings and quality control of being licensed and greatly experienced in both.  Choosing the right builder is critical.  Building with David Lombardi, Architect/Builder will assure you that the project costs, schedule, compensation, responsibilities, insurance requirements, etc. will be expertly taken care of.  On an agreed date the work commences and is continuous until completion.  Quality is foremost in all materials and methods.  Excellence in craftsmanship is a matter of pride.  Availability to the client during the work is guaranteed.  All systems will be explained and all details understood.

Contract Administration
In the event the client wants to use another builder , the project management of David Lombardi, Architect/ Builder is still available.  This will give the client an expert ally during the entire process, ensuring a quality result and allowing for a financial transparency not available otherwise.

Choosing David Lombardi, Architect/Builder for your next project will assure you a great outcome.  Please call for a complimentary consultation.